When you want expert collision repair and undetectable color matching, come to the best around town...
come to Precision Collision, LLC. We take PRIDE in our ability to provide you safe, quality repairs!

We work for YOU, the customer, NOTthe insurance companies.  YOU GET TO CHOOSE YOUR SHOP! We hope you will choose Keenan's Precision Collision LLC in Winter Haven! 

If you are concerned that you are being DIRECTED or STEERED to a particular repair shop by your Insurance AGENT or their employees, let them know that you would like Precision Collision to complete your repairs!

How do you know if you are being "steered and directed"?

If you are told that your insurance company can't guarantee the work at the shop you select or that it may cost you more, they are trying their best to direct you to a Direct Repair Partner (DRP). What does that mean? Those shops may have avestedinterest in representing the insurance company. They contract with the insurance companies regarding the repair in exchange for the insurer having damaged vehicles steered to them. Remember, these "relationships" between the insurer and the DRP repairer may affect the thoroughness of the repair or the quality and condition of the parts used in the repair.

Florida has a consumer law against "steering and directing". You should contact the State Consumer Hotline @
1-800-342-2762 orhttp://www.fldfs.com 

We’ve been in business and family-owned since the early 1980's. We repair all  makes and models to pre-accident condition. We acceptallinsurance. We gladly work along with ANY and ALL insurance companies while representing you...OUR CUSTOMER! We have highly trained technicians (PPG, I-CAR and ASE) and a quality facility.  We also offer a number of services that make repairing and restoring your car easier,  such as towing, car rental, and secure on-site vehicle storage.

Service witha VINTAGE TWIST!!! We are also able to repair and  restore your classic autos and hotrods!.  Click on the link below to read about  us!!!!!     


Proudly...we are a member ofASSURED PERFORMANCE NETWORK!!! Click here for more information.